Summer is but one race away!

This is the last week of structured running this spring, and it culminates with the Leicester Big 10k on Sunday. After that I will be winding down and then taking a June off altogether while I go to Greece to get married (oh yes!) and travel slowly back… Then, come July, I will start my marathon training proper.

I have been giving the choice of a training plan some thought, and I think I have settled on the Adidas miCoach web-based system: I had used it for my first marathon (Athens again), and I like its approach: It is very customisable, the app gives instant feedback on how the actual run compared to what was planned and the training is a great mix of short strides, longer intervals, tempo runs and the inevitable long runs. On the website there is also a whole host of resources, including a number of strength training programmes to complement the running (I definitely need some of that!) and they too sync with the app so one can follow one’s programme at the gym (complete with exercise descriptions and clips that show how the exercise should be performed). Best of all, of course, it’s completely free! 🙂

But I think for now I will enjoy my little break! The truth is that the year so far has been quite demanding in a number of areas (work, the joys of trying to plan a wedding from a different country and so long) and I feel I can do with getting away from a challenging routine and relaxing for a change… I don’t necessarily intend to give up running altogether in June, just to escape the structure of a programme, give myself a chance to rest physically and mentally and perhaps visit a physio to make sure that the various niggles don’t come  back to haunt me during the proper training from July onwards.

So roll on Sunday! The Leicester Big 10k is a lovely flat race in and around Abbey Park in that city, which is absolutely lovely when the sun is shining (as it is forecast to on the day), and after that I can start the mental countdown to holidays!

2013-05-12 10.51.40

From last year’s Leicester Big 10k

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