What’s this all about then?

It’s been over a year since my last marathon, and I’ve missed it!

I missed it most in November last year, when all Greek social media were full of news and colours of the 2013 Athens Marathon; Athens was the first marathon I ever ran and following the build-up from the UK I felt I was missing my own party!

I know it’s not as famous or as well attended as the marathons in New York or London (it can never be; the start and finish points are dictated by history, so they can’t be moved to accommodate more runners), reaching its ceiling of c. 18,000 runners the last years, but it is ‘my’ marathon: starting a few meters from the beach of my childhood, following one of the toughest courses of all city marathons and finishing in the foothills of the Acropolis in Athens…

So I’m running it again in 2014 and this blog will tell the story – from registration to conclusion…

2 thoughts on “What’s this all about then?

  1. Hey, thanks for the follow. Good luck in your up and coming marathon, I know what you mean about “missing” it – it took me a couple of years to sign up for my second one and now it’s only two days away! Eeek. Best of luck with it, look forward to reading all your updates.

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