Anyone hear the one about the runner who did his back in 6 days before hisĀ marathon, filling a window box? šŸ˜¦

With any luck it will be ok on the day, but it again reminded me that – as much as we take it for granted – getting to that start line intact is an achievement in itself!

(It was such a stupid injury to suffer after months of training, that I’m not even upset about it! More incredulous, stoical, and somehow more relaxed about Sunday than I thought I’d be this close to the event…)


This week’s joke!


Have you heard the one about the dedicated runner who, on realising the gym facilities in his hotel were inadequate, decided to have a short but vigorous burpee workout in his room?

He twisted his knee and had to limp to the restaurant, 200 yards away… šŸ˜¦

Comical, but it doesn’t feel like something that will trouble me after a good night’s sleep… we’ll see!