I’m still a week and a half away from my marathon, and already I’m trying to plan the next one!

I’ve now been unsuccessful in both the London ballots (the official one, and the one in our running club for UK Athletics places) and not being able to commit to the kind of fundraising a charity place requires (c. £2000!), I’ll have to try again next year…

In the mean time I have applied for a place in the Asics Target 26.2 team, which I know is an extremely long shot (there are 5 places and last year there were over 2,600 applicants!), but with the kind of training and support on offer (to say nothing of the kit and VIP entry in Paris Marathon), it would be silly to not even apply!

But turning to more realistic alternatives, I’m considering Paris (through a normal entry for the hoi polloi, not as a sponsored athlete for an international sports equipment manufacturer!), Madrid, Stockholm (free hotdogs and beer at the finish do you say dear blogger?) or this…! You can tell I don’t pick my races for their PB potential!

I know it’s too early to start booking places yet, one marathon at a time… But it’s a quietish afternoon at work and tapering is getting to me… Much easier to sit back and daydream of running through the wilderness of Connemara, a long weekend in Madrid with Demi or… Free beer did you say?

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