A wasted opportunity

I had to spend a night down in London for work this week, and had images of a nice morning run in one of the city’s parks.

Now, before I go any further, I have to admit that I am not one of the early morning runners… In fact, apart from races, it’s only once or twice a year that I’ll run first thing in the morning, and that will be because I’ve promised someone to go running with them.

It’s a shame really, because on those rare occasions that I do go for an early morning run, I enjoy it immensely! Similar to my cheeky lunchtime runs (when I manage them) they leave me refreshed, full of energy and ready to tackle whatever the day has to throw at me!

Which is why I was so looking forward to my run first thing this morning, in a green park I’d never run in before and coming back to a ready cooked breakfast! I had even planned to post the workout map on here, together with photos of London waking up to a spring sunshine and even the breakfast I would reward myself with.

As it happens… the “drinks and canapés” session that was advertised as following yesterday’s meeting was missing the canapés but over-compensated instead with drinks and banter… which meant that I only reached my hotel at 10pm, famished, exhausted from the early morning and long day and barely able to make a call home before crawling under the covers…

Hunger woke me at 4 am, when I decided that I should reassess my priorities in favour of breakfast and – with a heavy heart – skip the run…

And in so doing dear readers, I have let you down, I have let my new running shoes down and, more importantly, I have let this blog down!

Disappointed runner 😦



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